Greetings, and thank you for your interest in working together. We would be thrilled to entertain opportunities for collaboration, either with Comedy, brands in the entertainment sector, and even nonprofit organizations. Though we welcome your ideas for how to partner, here are ways in which we have worked with followers in the past:

  • Magnet theater-tailored tours.
  • Brand-awareness campaigns.
  • End year party entertainments.
  • Media advertisements for companies
  • Online marketing and consulting work

If you would like to discuss working together, or you’d like a copy of our  Media Kit, please contact us at directordydx {dot}wordpres{dot}scom


In your message, please be sure to explain how your idea will help our  site or benefit my fans and followers.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you once again.

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MD :Daniel Adenga

My Audience  

The interests of our 22,000+ readers and social media followers reflect mine: slow, immersive entertainment; wine & food; art & culture; and social good. We are also passionate about sharing tales that promote the concepts of entertainment diplomacy and responsible, sustainable talent.